Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Writing about coffee again

My audience of three should be happy to see that I am back. Yes, I started this coffee blog in 2009 and just like 90% of bloggers I never wrote back.

Why? Well, it is a mix of a few very good reasons. First of all, I wrote all encompassing articles about coffee quality and taste that made me feel I had said it all. I also have very little time and writing to me is a state of mind, I need to be in the mood and have the peace of mind to do it. I also spend a lot of time on the road between the farm and the store, with my home & family exactly at the half way point, so it is always hard.

But the most important reason, is that most of the time i can not think of things to write. For some reason I dont consider my experience as a Costa Rican coffee grower and roaster important. Yes, i know, that is crazy, and when i analyze it, I come to the conclusion that i am silly.

One of the events that started to make me change my mind was a couple of visitors i had in the farm. A Canadian couple came in late January 2011 to spend a week at the farm. And they not only wanted to come visit but also paid for it (!!!!).

If that was not enough of a clue, they also had a great time and are still telling me about it. She is a writer who just published her first travel article about her experience at the Down to Earth Estate. He is a coffee blogger who is still publishing articles about the process and all he learned during that week. (check him out at www.coffeetroupe.com)

Seeing people that interested was an eye opener. I do coffee because i love it and i enjoy the appreciation of my customers. What a great feeling is to open up my email and see messages from people telling me how much they love my coffee.

So, I am back. From now on my articles will be more about the personal experience of producing and selling coffee than educational. I will still throw in some facts and tips, probably comments about how the industry practices affect you, that is also expected from me, but this is going to change a bit in focus. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Great to have you writing again! How wonderful it was Canadians got the fire going! Any chance they live near me?

  2. Yes, canadians are a special breed. This couple is from outside for TOR, they said it is about an hour from your place. really nice people.


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